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Winter Hiking

Where will you be this holidays season? Hyalite Canyon (Bozeman's back yard) will be an excellent place to try out those new cross country skis or snow shoes. We're only weeks away from an epic snow dump...Are you ready? :)

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Winter's Frozen Ousel Falls

Winter brings many spectacular hiking opportunities in southwest Montana. If you're familiar with Ousel Falls, located in Big Sky, Montana, then you know that it can be a raging torrent in the spring of each year. Winter often relegates the falls to a frozen mass of amazing site. Use the map below to locate this very easy winter hike today! :)

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Winter At Grotto Falls

Would you believe it?...Winter came one week earlier this year compared to last year...which was pretty early. Does Grotto Falls look like this right now? Hike the Hyalite Creek Trail and find out...It's pretty magical back there. :)

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