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Early Risers

You've probably heard the old saw that the early bird catches the worm. In the case of the lower Madison River, right now is the perfect time for early risers to be catching the early trout risers...the earlier the better. :)

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Grand Exit

Wow, look at the grand views of the Yellowstone River Canyon just yesterday! Notice anything?...No smoke to be found anywhere. So far, southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park are having a great August. Get out there and explore Yellowstone National Park.  Discover where southwest Montana's most glorious rivers originate. :)

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Earthquake Lake Anniversary

On the night of August 17, 1959, an earthquake, measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale, rocked the Madison River Canyon, creating what is now called Earthquake Lake. The Earthquake Lake Visitor Center is an excellent place to take a hike and discover the rugged beauty of this section of the Madison River.

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