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Valley Garden

You know summer in southwest Montana has arrived when you can safely navigate the channels of the Valley Garden fishing access site near Jeffers, Montana. Just getting to your favored stretch of water is summer in a nutshell...fecund sites and smells of wildlife and greenery everywhere. I wouldn't miss this event for the world. :)

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Winter's Swan Song

A winter hike in southwest Montana can be as easy and peaceful as witnessing wildlife at a fishing access site. Early winter, a couple of years ago, Trumpeter Swans appeared on this Madison River site, near Jeffers, peaceful. Where will you be this holidays season? :)

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Blacktail Plateau Drive

The Blacktail Plateau Drive, inside Yellowstone National Park, is one of my favorite drives...especially in the fall. If you're lucky enough to pick the right day and time, you'll be treated to a bevy of wildlife, including buffalo and bighorn rams, as well as aspen trees in all the fall color glory. Have you made your plans to visit The Park this fall, yet? :)

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Fall In Yellowstone National Park

In order to see Yellowstone National Park at its fall finest, set aside the first week of October. The bison will be on the move into the northeast part of The Park. Elk will be inundating Mammoth Hot Springs. And, knock on wood, we'll have a period of warm weather to enjoy it all. Research and make your plans to be in The Park, today! :)

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