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Winter's Frozen Ousel Falls

Winter brings many spectacular hiking opportunities in southwest Montana. If you're familiar with Ousel Falls, located in Big Sky, Montana, then you know that it can be a raging torrent in the spring of each year. Winter often relegates the falls to a frozen mass of amazing site. Use the map below to locate this very easy winter hike today! :)

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Bundle Up

Yes, it is unusual that Bozeman is having this kind of freezy weather in October. It's below zero, right now; and, the high temperature today might get into the teens. Stay inside. Do some holidays shopping. And, make your plans to go hiking tomorrow. :)

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Winter Prep

Preparing for winter in southwest Montana starts earlier than many people are used to. Sure, you need to get that snow blower ready; but, once that's done, then it's time to find some places to hike, ski, and fish...It's more fun in the snow. :)

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Winter Is Early Again?

Last year, it was the first week of November. This year, it just may have started today. Is old man winter here to stay?...maybe. Look on the bright side, however. See it as an opportunity to start planning those winter hikes and cross country skiing locations; or, stay inside and do some holidays shopping. :)

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