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Wild Wild Flowers Season

Our year has been extremely wet so far. The wild flowers are going mad crazy...Stuff you haven't seen in years is popping up all over the place. I discovered this huge grove of lupines a few years ago along the Lava Lake Trail. Map exactly where it is; and, then go check it out...I'll bet the lupines there are even more prolific this year. :)

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Exploring Wonderland

Yes, the boardwalks in Yellowstone National Park are pretty busy right now...That's to be expected, this time of year. If you can, take yourself off of the beaten path with a hike or a fly fishing excursion...Believe me, your memories of Wonderland will be much more vivid, if you do. Enjoy! :) Yellowstone NP Park PhotoMap

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Hike While You Can

It's another beautiful day in southwest Montana. Some cold, wet weather is returning for the next few days, however. So, strap on those hiking boots and get out there today! Grotto Falls would be an easy one to knock out in a couple of hours. Enjoy! :)

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