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First We Fish

The beauty of a summer in southwest Montana is that you can pack several outdoors activities into one day. On the sunniest of warm days, you fish the Gallatin, first. Then you scoot down the canyon to one of several hiking opportunities and get your day hike in. If you're expeditious with your time, you may even find yourself back on the river later in the day. Camp, rinse, and repeat...enjoy! :)

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Familiar Green Of Summer

Slowly but surely, the familiar green color we have been seeing in the countryside has finally migrated to the local rivers. Don't get me wrong...They're still high; but, green means go! So, get out there and start your summer fly fishing! :)

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Time That Fly Fishing Trip

Yes, sunny days are here in southwest Montana once again; but, that just means that the snow melt is on. Read Timing Is Everything to find out approximately the earliest time you should come back to southwest Montana to partake in some of the best fly fishing of the year. One view of the Gallatin River video High Energy Drink is enough to make you think twice before coming back too early.

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