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Close To Home

Anytime of year, you can count on some great fly fishing and some stellar views of the Gallatin River along the Squaw Creek Road. It's less than a half hour drive from Bozeman too. This year, the January weather has been somewhat mild; so, get out and enjoy! :)

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New Opportunities

The new year has brought us some unusually warm weather, so far. It would be a good time to get out on the Gallatin River and do some fly fishing before the inevitable cold snap returns. Get out and enjoy!Ā  :)

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Peace On Earth

This winter, there will be a day that will be so utterly cold yet so bright and sunny, as well. This will be the day that you will find peace on earth as you walk along the Gallatin River Trail. Two years ago, in 2017, this day was Christmas eve...Perhaps it will repeat itself again this year. :)

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