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Snow Returns

You really didn't think the snow wouldn't arrive in February did you? Well, it's least six inches in the Gallatin valley during the last 24 hours. Get out and enjoy some cross country skiing right here in town. :)

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In Town Skiing

Knock on wood that we get some more snow. When you come home for the holidays, you just might find yourself cross country skiing right here in Bozeman. Glen Lake Rotary Park is a great place to do just that and to take in Bozeman's winter wonderland. Where will you be this holidays? :)

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Time To Ski

Bozeman and southwest Montana is ready for your skiing adventure. Even if you just want to do some cross country skiing right here in town, the recent snowfalls have us all set up. Get out and enjoy!Ā  :)

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Winter Hyalite

The highlight of any winter spent in Bozeman, Montana, is definitely Hyalite Canyon. The canyon is home to a variety of winter activities, including snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and ice climbing. It's even a great place to bag a Christmas tree. :)

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