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February Break

For the past few years, despite the severity of the winter season, southwest Montana has been fortunate to get an unusually sunny day or two somewhere in the month of February. This year, tomorrow is your day. Get out and enjoy some sun and fun on the Gallatin River. I know where I'll be on the river...Do you? :)

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So Much To Love

There's a lot to love about living in southwest Montana. The Madison River is at or near the top of the list. Hopefully, this Valentine's Day and weekend, you'll find yourself either fly fishing or hiking along the upper Madison River. Enjoy! :)

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Along Came Winter

February's inevitable snow dump has come to Bozeman this past week. There is more snow falling as I write this. Take heart, though...The sun will shine again; and, you'll get to enjoy views of the Gallatin River while hiking or skiing along the Squaw Creek Road. You could even carefully hike down to the river and do some fly fishing. Wintertime views of the Gallatin River don't get much better than this. :)

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Snow Returns

You really didn't think the snow wouldn't arrive in February did you? Well, it's least six inches in the Gallatin valley during the last 24 hours. Get out and enjoy some cross country skiing right here in town. :)

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Unusually Warm Winter

If you're from the Bozeman area, then you may agree that we're having an unusually warm winter so far. This coming weekend will see temperatures close to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Let's pray for some more snow pack. In the meantime, get out and enjoy some fly fishing on the Gallatin River. :)

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