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End Of Summer Red

For me, the end of summer means a return to the lower Madison River adjacent to Red Mountain. A few years back, perhaps even a decade ago, I decided to fly fish the lower Madison River in the very early morning hours, late into August and early September. My barber had been telling me stories of catching big browns at the crack of dawn…I figured it was worth a shot. The first time I went out on the water that early, I distinctly remember slapping down a streamer during my first cast and bang!…I caught the first of many browns that day. Ever since that late August outing many years ago, I have been trying to repeat that magical day...

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Labor Day Fishing

The only labor that should be done today is getting up early and hitting the lower Madison...the earlier the better. The browns aren't real active yet; but, some big rainbows are hanging out for easy meals. Get out and enjoy a day of fly fishing! :)

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