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Fishing In The Green

Early this summer, everything is coming up green. There are only a few places that are fish-able right now too. Lucky enough, the lower Madison River is only a few minutes away from Bozeman. So, get to it...You should be fishing right now! :)

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Easy Gardening

Sometimes gardening in Bozeman is as easy as planting a few bulbs and spreading a few wildflower seeds, last fall; and, then waiting for June to roll in. We're definitely getting a more temperate June this year; so, Bozeman's flowers are in peak form. Enjoy! :)

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Let There Be Flowers

Gardening is one of the better treats that someone living in Bozeman will experience. If you're not familiar with our growing season then know that this past week ushered in the first of the flowering trees and, well, wild flowers. It only gets better from here. Get out and enjoy, and smell the flowers! :)

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Hold On To Thoughts Of Summer

Can you believe it?...We're still waking up to snow in southwest Montana. Yes, I know...Practice patience. Summer will be here soon enough. At least we have summertime photos and videos of the upper Madison River, like this, that will keep us going. :)

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