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Bundle Up

Yes, it is unusual that Bozeman is having this kind of freezy weather in October. It's below zero, right now; and, the high temperature today might get into the teens. Stay inside. Do some holidays shopping. And, make your plans to go hiking tomorrow. :)

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Winter Is Early Again?

Last year, it was the first week of November. This year, it just may have started today. Is old man winter here to stay?...maybe. Look on the bright side, however. See it as an opportunity to start planning those winter hikes and cross country skiing locations; or, stay inside and do some holidays shopping. :)

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Snow Returns

Snow returns to the Gallatin Valley. Later this week, most of it will go away; but, come November, count on it sticking around for months...Yes, winter starts a little early around here. :)

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Fall Or Winter?

Surprise!...The snow is back. There's enough of it in Bozeman that it will make you wonder if this is fall or winter. Oh well...Put another log on the fire and wait a few days until this blows out of here...Knock on wood. :)

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