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Climate Wake Up Call

Last week’s flooding in Yellowstone National Park and southwest Montana was a wake up call. But, again, how many wake up calls do we need to wake up to climate change?

I don’t know about you, but last summer’s extreme heat wave or ‘heat dome’ (whatever you want to call it) was enough to wake me up to making lifestyle changes.

This year, when the Yellowstone River floods to the point where it crosses the road at Yankee Jim Canyon, then you know it’s time to make some changes.

Being out on the rivers and hiking in southwest Montana for the past twenty years, I understand that there is a lot to lose here. Failing to tackle climate change will make living even in and around Bozeman, Montana miserable and depressing.

No more gardening. No more hiking. No more fly fishing for trout as we know it. No more visiting Yellowstone National Park.

Again, once you realize what you’ll lose, then you should start making lifestyle changes.

Gallatin River, Squaw Creek Road

Gallatin River, Squaw Creek Road

Forget about the government…They’re not here to help us. Politicians are only concerned with what they could possibly lose: namely, their power; and, their power is linked to the fossil fuel industries and the status quo. So, forget them. Start making informed changes on your own.

Personally, I’m currently removing all of the gas appliances in my home and converting to all electric appliances. I hope to have a solar power grid within the next few years.

Insulating and sealing the home has been an ongoing project the past few years, as well.

I just hope that there are more people out there concerned with losing The Last Best Place to climate change.


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