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No Smoke

Most of us schedule our outdoors adventures for July in order to beat the inevitable smoke from neighboring smoke fires that comes sometime in August. Bozeman, and most of southwest Montana, are having a pleasant summer, however, with moderate temperatures and clear skies; so, get out there and enjoy! Take a hike in the Gallatin Canyon or fly fish the heavenly Gallatin River. :)

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Sheep Lake Trail

We all have a favorite hike that we try to return to each year. My favorite hike is Sheep Lake Trail. The trail is challenging; but, the rewards along the way and at the end are, in my opinion, more than worth it. If you love a little alpine lake fishing after a slog through fields of wild flowers, then this trail is for you. :)

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Beehive Basin

The last week of July and the first week of August...This is the time to hike the Beehive Basin Trail. The wild flowers are abundant and in peak form. My only suggestion is that you get up there early in the day...In case you haven't noticed it's been a bit toasty around here, lately. Enjoy! :)

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Crystal Clear Waters

One of the first things you'll notice while fly fishing the Gallatin River mid-summer is the clarity of the water...It's amazing. Of course, in the heat of the day you'll want to hit the shadows along the banks and the deep pools. Trout don't like the sunshine. :)

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