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Hold On To Thoughts Of Summer

Can you believe it?...We're still waking up to snow in southwest Montana. Yes, I know...Practice patience. Summer will be here soon enough. At least we have summertime photos and videos of the upper Madison River, like this, that will keep us going. :)

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Spring Fly Fishing

No, really...Spring is here. Sure it's a little disconcerting that it still wants to snow every now and then; but, buck up! The sun will return before you know it and fly fishing on the rivers of southwest Montana will be magical once again. Just don't wait too long because the snow melt is just around the corner too.

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An Early Visit To Wonderland

National Park Week is an ideal opportunity to see the Wonderland of Yellowstone National Park with only a modicum of fellow tourists. The National Park Service is encouraging everyone to explore their favorite National Park; and, to do so, Park admission will be free on Saturday, April 20th. Get ready to explore Yellowstone soon!

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