The Trip That Almost Wasn't | Photo Blog, 04/14/19 – Montana Treasures

The Trip That Almost Wasn't

Yesterday was a close one. The morning in Bozeman started out sunny; but, by the time I left Bozeman, I was fully convinced that going to Big Timber and on to Natural Bridge Falls would not be a good idea...too many clouds. The alternative plan was to go to Paradise Valley, outside of Livingston, instead. By the time I approached the Livingston exit, however, it became clear that the sun was more likely to shine in and around Big Timer, rather than Paradise. I pressed on to Natural Bridge Falls; and, I am glad I did. During the few breaks in the cloud cover, the Boulder River and Natural Bridge Falls showed their true colors and magic. It's good to be in Big Sky Country...You can often see the weather approaching long before it arrives. :)

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