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Late Snow Melt

Unbelievably, there's still some snow visible in Yellowstone National Park. Granted the snows down low probably came from a few days of cold weather this past weekend; but, the snow melt appears to be taking longer this year. Inside the canyon, the Firehole River was still a bit chunky; but, the rest of river looks great. Get out there and fish The Park this week! :)

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Western Tanagers Arrive In Bozeman

Was it just me, or was there an inordinate number of Western Tanager birds in Bozeman yesterday? Several couples populated my back yard yesterday; and, it was pretty cool. Perhaps the rainy weather attracts them...If so, then expect more to come out and play today. :)

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Hike While You Can

It's another beautiful day in southwest Montana. Some cold, wet weather is returning for the next few days, however. So, strap on those hiking boots and get out there today! Grotto Falls would be an easy one to knock out in a couple of hours. Enjoy! :)

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Let There Be Flowers

Gardening is one of the better treats that someone living in Bozeman will experience. If you're not familiar with our growing season then know that this past week ushered in the first of the flowering trees and, well, wild flowers. It only gets better from here. Get out and enjoy, and smell the flowers! :)

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It Goes By Fast

Finally, summer appears to have arrived in southwest Montana. It's beautiful right now; but, it goes by fast. Make the most of it. Plan a hike, a fishing, or even an overnight camping trip today; and, then get out there and enjoy! :)

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