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Sheep Lake Trail

We all have a favorite hike that we try to return to each year. My favorite hike is Sheep Lake Trail. The trail is challenging; but, the rewards along the way and at the end are, in my opinion, more than worth it. If you love a little alpine lake fishing after a slog through fields of wild flowers, then this trail is for you. :)

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Beehive Basin

The last week of July and the first week of August...This is the time to hike the Beehive Basin Trail. The wild flowers are abundant and in peak form. My only suggestion is that you get up there early in the day...In case you haven't noticed it's been a bit toasty around here, lately. Enjoy! :)

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Fireweed in the lower elevations is putting on a spectacular display this doubt a result of the tremendous snow depth we had this past winter. I imagine that wild flower displays in Glacier are going to be equally spectacular. :)

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Green A While Longer

From Bozeman all the way down to Billings, the landscape is still a fantastic green color; and, with cool, wet weather forecast later this week, our gardens should be putting on their fantastic display a while longer. Get out and enjoy the flowers! :)

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Wild Wild Flowers Season

Our year has been extremely wet so far. The wild flowers are going mad crazy...Stuff you haven't seen in years is popping up all over the place. I discovered this huge grove of lupines a few years ago along the Lava Lake Trail. Map exactly where it is; and, then go check it out...I'll bet the lupines there are even more prolific this year. :)

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