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Time To Pick The Berries

Today is the day to start picking those gooseberries. I can taste the cobbler already. For those of you who like to pick your berries out in the wild, then I have seen berry pickers on a few trails in the Gallatin canyon...The Lava Lake Trail is a good place to start.Ā  :)

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Snow Roses

Of course, there's no such thing as a snow rose; but, yesterday, you just might have believed me because it snowed for a while. Actually my roses haven't even flowered yet...Again, we're getting some weird summer weather this year; and, all of the plants seem to be late by a couple of weeks. :)

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Green A While Longer

From Bozeman all the way down to Billings, the landscape is still a fantastic green color; and, with cool, wet weather forecast later this week, our gardens should be putting on their fantastic display a while longer. Get out and enjoy the flowers! :)

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Easy Gardening

Sometimes gardening in Bozeman is as easy as planting a few bulbs and spreading a few wildflower seeds, last fall; and, then waiting for June to roll in. We're definitely getting a more temperate June this year; so, Bozeman's flowers are in peak form. Enjoy! :)

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