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National Park Week, 2024

From April 20th to April 28th, 2024, it’s National Park Week! The National Park Service is encouraging everyone to explore their favorite National Park this week. In southwest Montana, our favorite park is Yellowstone National Park; and, fortunately it will be open that week. According to the National Park Service road map, the North and West entrances will be the only two open during National Park Week. There will still be plenty of stuff to see in The Park, however. Roosevelt Arch, Gardiner, Montana For the past few years, I have documented my own visits to The Park with plenty of photos and videos posted on this web site’s Explore Yellowstone National Park page. Feel free to use the page...

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Earth Day Week 2023

I can't think of a better way to enjoy Earth Day week than to revisit a hike I made last summer into Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana. Of course, with climate change, expecting everything to look similar to the way it has in previous years is no longer a given.

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