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Explore The Gallatin River

The Gallatin River near Taylor Fork happens to be one of the only stretches of river in that area that doesn't ice over in January. No doubt, it's an absolutely beautiful stretch of river too, even in the winter time. Imagine what it would feel like to fly fish this stretch in the summer time, though.

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Snow Returns

Gallatin River Canyon This week, snow and winter returned to the landscape of Bozeman and southwest Montana...and, in a big way. Gallatin River Near Goose Creek It's not uncommon to have snow this early in November; but, the single digit day time temperatures are unusual and all but assure that the snow will be sticking around for a while. Winter On The Gallatin River Near Goose Creek This snowy and wintery pause is a time for reflection. How will you remember your time on the Gallatin River, this year?   Shop The Gallatin River Collection   Shop The Montana Christmas Collection      

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The Last Winter

Going forward, I'll be treating each winter as possibly our last. I want to savor every moment in the snows of southwest Montana...They're just too beautiful to waste. Just knowing that we could lose this outdoors splendor to climate change has me already thinking about drastically reducing my carbon footprint.

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