Earth Day Week 2023 – Montana Treasures

Earth Day Week 2023

Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana, photo by Montana Treasures

Beehive Basin, Big Sky

It's earth Day week, 2023. Currently, the weather around southwest Montana is just meh...not too warm and not too cold...just a little bit overcast. On days like these, I like to crawl back into the video files I made last year...It's a great reminder of why we live in Montana, enduring an unusually long winter.



I can't think of a better way to enjoy Earth Day week than to revisit a hike I made last summer into Beehive Basin, Big Sky, Montana. I look forward to making similar hikes this coming year.

Of course, with climate change, expecting everything to look similar to the way it has in previous years is no longer a given.

Earth Day week is a reminder to all Americans. We all must do our part to ensure that hiking into places like Beehive Basin is just as beautiful for future generations.

For my part, in the past year, I converted my home completely over to electricity. Natural gas is no longer a part of this home. And, going forward, I plan on installing solar panels to ween the home off of dirty electricity.

Together I think we can make a difference; but, everyone, in some form, needs to take part in the climate change solution.

Hopefully, you're like me and feel that places like Beehive Basin are irreplaceable; and, you'll find your own way to contribute to the climate change solution.

In the meantime, plan your trip to southwest Montana. Remind yourself why people call Montana The Last Best Place.

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