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Green Is Better Than Brown

Driving past Livingston yesterday, I noticed that the Yellowstone River is no longer a Nestle's Quick brown color...Instead, it is turning green. The water is still high; but, we're almost ready to get back on the river. :)

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Fly Fishing Yankee Jim

Lots of people raft down the Yellowstone River in Yankee Jim Canyon. Have you ever fly fished it, though?...Timing on this will be crucial. You'll definitely want to be here in early spring, well before the snow melt. Oh, and you'll want to be prepared for a hike down into the canyon, as well; and, it's steep. :)

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Point Of Rocks Monster

Are you one to see images in the clouds? Perhaps you'll find the 'monster' in this pile of rocks found at the Point Of Rocks, Yellowstone River fishing access site. Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone. It's snowing again here...a good day to just sit back and plan the next fishing trip on the Yellowstone. :)

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Carter's Bridge, Since 1921

Wow! I had no idea that Carter's Bridge is nearing 100 years old. This beautiful old structure spans the Yellowstone River near Livingston, Montana. From the looks of it, it will probably be around another 100 years from now. :)

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The Snow Returns

Southwest Montana awoke to a thin layer of snow today. This cold snap will only last a few more days, however; and, then we can get back to spring fishing and outdoors fun. In the meantime, bundle up and, heck, do some shopping for that new Montana cabin. :)

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