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Montanans Play In The Snow

Montana The Last Best Place, Winter in Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana

I believe this is the earliest onset of Winter that I have seen since returning to Bozeman 14 years ago. Winter does not mean the fun has stopped in southwest Montana, however. Winter to a Montanan just means you change into warmer clothes, adjust your mode of transportation, and find new ways to play in the outdoors.

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In Bozeman, the locals prefer downhill skiing at Bridger Bowl and cross country skiing at Bohart Ranch, both just minutes from downtown. Both tourists and locals enjoy world class downhill and cross country skiing at Big Sky Resort, another short forty minute drive from Bozeman, in the opposite direction.


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West Yellowstone (one more hour further down the road from Big Sky) has some fantastic groomed and un-groomed cross country trails in and outside of Yellowstone National Park. I believe some U.S. Olympians even train at the Rendezvous Ski Trails, also, right in West Yellowstone.

Riverside Cross Country Ski Trail, West Yellowstone, Montana

West Yellowstone Cross Country Ski Trails

Winter can enhance many natural features, such as waterfalls, making them beautiful to look at as well as to climb. Bring your snowshoes and enjoy a short walk into Ousel Falls in Big Sky, Montana. You just might see someone climbing it.


Fishing in southwest Montana does not shut down during the Winter either. There are many brave souls who fish the local rivers…


Winter On The Gallatin River, near Goose Creek, Big Sky, Montana

Winter on the Gallatin River

and sit out on frozen lakes, like Hebgen Lake (near West Yellowstone) or Hyalite Reservoir (in Bozeman’s backyard.)

Winter on the Hyalite Range and a frozen Hyalite Reservoir

Winter on the Hyalite Range and a frozen Hyalite Reservoir

In the midst of Winter, it’s important to remember that the beauty of the State is still out there. You may need to strap some sticks to your feet or find another mode of transportation to experience it; but, do just that…Bundle up and get out and enjoy!

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