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Spring Fly Fishing In Yellowstone National Park

The Madison River inside Yellowstone national Park, photo by Montana Treasures

Madison River, YNP

Opening season for fly fishing in Yellowstone National Park is a big deal in southwest Montana. By the time Memorial Day weekend rolls around, many locals have exhausted their alternatives to fishing the area’s rivers and creeks because by now most of them will have been inundated with snow melt. 

Don’t get me wrong, before Memorial Day weekend arrives, there are still Alternatives to fishing the area’s swollen rivers and streams; but, when that weekend does arrive, Yellowstone National Park becomes the best alternative.

When The Park opens up to fly fishing, I like to enter The Park through West Yellowstone and make a day trip out of the whole affair. The Park is actually pretty big; so, I never find myself further than Norris Junction or Old Faithful. 

The Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park, photo by Montana Treasures

Firehole River

I usually concentrate on the Firehole River mainly because I have the most luck on it and because it’s on the way to Old Faithful Lodge, my favorite spot for some lunch and a mid-afternoon siesta.

This Montana Treasures’ mobile friendly PhotoMap lists several of my favorite fishing spots on the Firehole, Gibbon, and Madison Rivers.

Free Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park PhotoMap by Montana Treasures

Free PhotoMap:

Yellowstone National Park

Favorite Fly Fishing Spots

Upon entering The Park from the West Yellowstone entrance, you’ll immediately come upon the Madison River. It will be difficult to forego once you see it first.


Further up the road, at Madison Junction, take a left to proceed to the Gibbon River; or, take a right to proceed to the Firehole River. My preference is for the Firehole; but, the Gibbon is just as beautiful and fun to fish.

Of course, there are more than just these three rivers to fly fish inside The Park. There are the Lamar and Yellowstone Rivers in the northeast portion of The Park. I usually don’t hit those rivers until the fall, however. Let’s look forward to adding these rivers to the PhotoMap soon.

The Yellowstone River, Yellowstone National Park, photo by Montana Treasures

Yellowstone River

In the meantime, plan on fly fishing inside Yellowstone National Park this June…You’ll love it!


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