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New Year, New Items, And Etsy

Yellowstone National Park, Rustic, Wood, Bison Sign


The year 2022 is going to bring some new designs to the Montana Treasures store. More than likely, these new designs are going to appear first on the new MT Etsy store, however.

This past year has seen the incorporation of a new design tool (a Glowforge laser) in the Montana Treasures store. This new tool has allowed me to realize many designs right here in Montana, rather than using an out of State manufacturer.

In fact, the Illustrated Wildlife Tiles were the first items listed on this web site that were made with the new laser. Undoubtedly they are a specialty item that many would incorporate into their home renovation projects.

Illustrated Wildlife Tiles by Montana Treasures

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Using many of the same MT tile designs, rustic, two sided, bass wood plaques are going to be the first items to appear on the MT Etsy store. I've had a lot of fun designing these new signs...many of which are already hanging in my own home...It feels like I'm living in a cozy, little cabin now.

Two Sided, Yellowstone National Park, Rustic, Wood, Bison Sign on Etsy

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If you don't find what you want on this web site, then stop by the new Montana Treasures Etsy store. Perhaps you'll find something new and exciting. Enjoy!


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