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Hike Ousel Falls Anytime

Summertime View of Ousel Falls, Big Sky, Montana by Montana Treasures

Ousel Falls Summer

Ousel Falls is one hike in southwest Montana that can and should be experienced anytime of the year.

 Ousel Falls Spring Runoff, photo by Montana Treasures

Ousel Falls Spring Runoff

It’s a relatively short, easy hike with a wide path that could conceivably accommodate a wheelchair, if necessary.

Ousel Falls Trail, photo by Montana Treasures

Ousel Falls Trail

Not only is the Ousel Falls hike easy; but, it’s easy to get to…located just minutes from downtown Big Sky. Locate it on Montana Treasures free Hike Montana PhotoMap (Menu Item ‘H24’.)

Hike Montana PhotoMap, a free mobile app by Montana Treasures

Free Hike Montana PhotoMap

 Spring is the time when all of the local rivers and Ousel Falls, in particular, is perhaps at its most energetic. At this time of year, the South Fork of the West Fork is a raging torrent to begin with; but, the multi-story plunge over Ousel Falls makes the river mad crazy.

Contrast spring’s raging torrent with summer’s status quo. Both of the river’s seasonal states are beautiful; but, the river’s springtime volume is definitely cranked up to eleven.

If spring is an ‘eleven’, then Ousel Falls volume is most decidedly turned down to a ‘one’ in the dead of winter. 

The beauty and wonder of Ousel Falls really does not diminish throughout the year. In fact, I would recommend this hike to anyone visiting within close proximity of Big Sky, Montana, no matter what time of year it was. 

Enjoy your hike; and, don’t forget to dress appropriately for the weather. :) 


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