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Fascinated With Vintage

Vintage Fly Fishing Wall Signs by Montana Treasures

Since childhood, I have had a fascination with ‘old’ things. I can recall a childhood fly fishing trip where I stumbled upon an old rusted out car buried on the banks of the Boulder River, outside of Big Timber, Montana. I immediately snagged the old relic’s 1938 license plate as my own personal trophy; and, as I look back on it now, that was my first collected antique.

To this day, I can hold that old license plate and conjure up memories of that specific fishing trip with my Dad. Holding it also makes me feel nostalgic for the people who fly fished and lived in Montana during an earlier time and place.

A Vintage 'Gallatin River Gone Fishing' wall sign by Montana Treasures

The ‘vintage’ fly fishing signs that I have been designing and selling for the past two years are born from this sense of childhood nostalgia.

We all have or wish to have fond memories of fly fishing the several blue ribbon trout streams in and around Montana.

If you are like me and you attach fond and meaningful memories to inanimate objects, then consider the Montana Treasures Vintage fly fishing wall signs as that rusted over relic you fond on the banks of your favorite river. 

A Vintage 'Yellowstone River Fishing Paradise' wall sign by Montana Treasures

Personally, I have a complete set of Montana Treasures fly fishing wall signs hanging in my garage (my own man cave, for now.) They remind me to get off of my butt and fly fish ‘The Last Best Place’ as often as I can.

New and Vintage Fly Fishing and National Parks Wall Signs by Montana Treasures

Indoors, I hang the National Parks wall signs essentially for the same reason: They remind me to visit two of the premiere National Parks in our country and in ‘Big Sky Country’, while you can.

Vintage Fly Fishing and National Parks Wall Signs by Montana Treasures

Perhaps you will have similar reasons for purchasing Montana Treasures Vintage wall signs. If anything, they will definitely remind you or a loved one to return to Montana; and, that’s a good thing. :)

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