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Fall For Montana

Fall on the Yellowstone River, near Emigrant Peak, photo by Montana Treasures

Yellowstone River 

Yes, it’s a corny title for a blog post; but, it’s true. If there ever was a time to fall in love with Montana, then hands down, fall would be the season to do it.

Personally, fall is my favorite time of year to go fly fishing too. Sometimes I don’t even wait for fall to begin to start hitting the lower Madison, slapping down streamers into the water at the break of day…The big browns go nuts for early morning food, the first few weeks of September. 

Of course, once fall does arrive a couple of weeks later, then it’s all good…Fishing at any time of the day on the lower Madison is great. 

 Fall on the lower Madison River, photo by Montana Treasures

Lower Madison River

There’s something very special about being on the river on a crisp fall day, surrounded by majestic mountains and spectacular colors. 

The most arresting beauty you’ll find on the Madison River will be at the Palisades fishing access site. On a clear day, Mother Nature will command your attention at the Palisades with an assortment of brilliant yellow, orange, and red colors to go with your brilliant blue sky and aqua-green river.

Up and down the Madison River, the fall colors will be as brilliant as the fishing is great!

Fall on the Madison River, Varney Bridge, photo by Montana Treasures

Madison River, Varney Bridge

Funny enough, as beautiful as the canyon section is, the best fall colors along the Gallatin River are much closer to Bozeman. Axtell Bridge (minutes from downtown) is one location where the trees will be lit up like candles along the river. 

Fall on the Gallatin River, Axtell Bridge, photo by Montana Treasures

Gallatin River, Axtell Bridge



Skip on over to the Yellowstone River and, of course, Paradise is paradise. Be prepared to see the most gorgeous display of fall colors and majestic mountains that you have ever seen, on your way to the river. 

Now picture your self fly fishing in the middle of all of this color, this paradise. 


Fall colors and fly fishing are two of several reasons why Montana is called ‘The Last Best Place.’



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  • Richard Shaffer
    Wonderful state, fished Montana , Idaho and Wyoming many times , liked Montana the best. I am 75 now will be 76 in July and would still like to come out , all the guys that came out with me are gone. Miss them and Montana !

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