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Explore Trout Country

Madison River Trout Country photo by Montanan Treasures

Upper Madison River, Raynolds Bridge

Upon starting the Montana Treasures online store a few years back, I sought to identify each of my favorite southwest Montana rivers with a catch phrase or moniker. I chose Trout Country for the Madison River; and, what an apt name it has turned out to be.

As a fly fisherman, I have many reasons for identifying the Madison River as Trout Country; but, firstly, and for the most obvious reason, it is Trout Country to me because I have caught my largest fish on the Madison. Along all stretches of the river, from the ‘upper Maddie’ to the ‘lower’, I never know where that next big whopper is going to be pulled from.

To this day, I still remember pulling a close to 2.5 pound rainbow trout out of the ‘Ghost Village’ stretch on a bright, sunshiny day in the middle of winter. I don’t know who was more surprised…me or the fish.

rainbow trout, upper Madison River, Ghost Village, Montana

The scenery around Ghost Village is absolutely gorgeous too.

Upper Madison River, Ghost Village, Montana, photo by Montana Treasures

Madison River, Ghost Village

Of course, there really isn’t an ‘ugly’ section along the entire Madison.

The only time I don’t like the Madison is when the water temperature gets too hot to fish…like the lower Madison during mid-summer. At this time, the lower Madison may be too hot to handle; but, all you need to do is shoot yourself over to Ennis, Montana and above; and, then all is right with the world.

Madison River, Valley Garden, Jeffers, Montana, photo by Montana Treasures

Madison River, Valley Garden

Curious enough, by the time fall starts to poke it’s head out of the calendar, the lower Madison is where you want to be. In the fall, I can spend hours out on the lower Maddie pulling in loads of rainbow and browns on something as simple as a black streamer…It’s almost not fare to the fish. :)

As a member of Montana Treasures’ newsletter group, you have a unique opportunity to discover where I hike and fly fish in southwest Montana. Eventually, I log all of my outings, using photos, videos, and Google Maps.

Use the following Montana Treasures PhotoMap to explore where I have been fly fishing on the Madison River; and, who knows?…Perhaps you’ll end up in the same places, catching even larger trout. Enjoy! :)

Free, Mobile Friendly, Madison River PhotoMap by Montana Treasures

Free Madison River PhotoMap

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