New Fly Fishing Wall Signs Added to Montana Treasures

Fly Fishing Wall Signs

Montana Treasures Fly Fishing Wall Signs

This post has been edited. A few days back I posted several Montana Treasures fly fishing home decor designs on a web site called Curioos. They sell what they are calling 'Disk Prints' (Sublimation art on a .045 inch aluminum disk.) 

Unfortunately, the ‘hold’ value they allow artists to keep per sale is absurdly low (14%.) The customer prices they place on the disk prints are quite high, as well. 

So, I made inquiries with the current manufacturer of Montana Treasures’ ‘Vintage’ or antique styled fly fishing signs. Their signs are not made of aluminum; instead, they are made of .020 steel...which is fine for what I am adding to the store...namely, larger wall art for Montana Treasures customers. 

Montana Fly Fishing Disk Prints on Curioos

Many Montana Treasures customers and architects are looking for a large fly fishing advertising sign to display in their home or cabin. So, I designed a new suite of ‘Pristine’ signs in several larger sizes (Giant 42 inch, X-Large 36 inch, Large 28 inch) as well as the original Medium 14 inch diameter size. 

X-Large Yellowstone River wall sign by Montana Treasures

Note that the larger signs I will be posting on the Montana Treasures web site won't have the "vintage" look that I designed into the original 14 inch diameter steel signs (seen below). Rather, the new signs will have a 'pristine' porcelain advertising sign look (seen above.) 

Rustic Montana Fly Fishing Signs by Montana Treasures

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