Montana Treasures Pinterest Boards

Montana Treasures Pinterest Boards

Montana Treasures Pinterest Boards

Montana Treasures' Pinterest Boards

Pinterest...What a great place to discover all of the State of Montana's unique features, activities, and treasures.

I never used Pinterest until a few weeks ago. Today, however, I have found it to be a great place to showcase Montana Treasures' many Instagram photos and YouTube videos. 

Currently there are boards for several of Montana's blue ribbon fly fishing streams and rivers, including the Yellowstone, Madison, and Gallatin Rivers. I hope to paint a picture of each river with a series of photographs and videos...enough to stir up some nostalgia for the area or encourage a newbie to vacation here.

Speaking of vacationing here, Montana Treasures is more than fly fishing, however. I hope that all of the boards inspire people to partake in the numerous outdoors activities throughout the state, such as hiking and camping. And, of course, there are the 'tourist' activities to take into account, as well, like exploring Yellowstone National Park. 

Each board is interspersed with some unique Montana-themed 'pinnable' products that I designed myself too. All of the products come from this Montana Treasures online store.

In the end, I hope that each customer can use the boards to plan their next vacation or weekend excursion in Big Sky Country. There is a lot to do in The Last Best Place! 

Todd Rivers, Founder, Montana Treasures


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