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Montana Banksy Inspires New MT Product Line

Rock Trout iPhone 6 Cell Phone Case

The Facebook post of a Montana Banksy rock trout public art piece got such a tremendous response from the public last week (almost 7K likes and 10K shares) that it inspired me to try out a new product line within the store.

Just yesterday a drop shipper that I use announced that they have incorporated iPhone 6 cases into their customized product offerings. Immediately I thought that Montana Treasures' customers would love to display unique photographs of Montana lifestyle on their cell phone cases. So, I got to work on building templates and 3D product renderings for the first design.

The photograph I took of Montana Banksy's 'rock trout' seemed like the logical source art to start the iPhone 6 case product line. I cleaned up the raw photograph in Photoshop and integrated it into the manufacturer's cell phone case template. 

Once I was happy with the design, I subsequently made a 3D product rendering (shown above) of the case applied to an iPhone 6 model...a model that I have used in the past to model iOS mobile games. 

I hope this particular Montana Banksy product does well. In any event, I believe that there is a market for displaying beautiful, unique photographs of Montana on cell phone cases. Who wouldn't want a reminder of The Last Best Place on an object that has become such an integral part of our lives? Enjoy!

Todd Rivers, Founder, Montana Treasures

Rock Trout iPhone Case




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