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Montana Banksy

Trout River Rock Art by Montana Banksy

I received an unexpected but pleasant surprise this week. I inadvertently introduced myself to a local 'guerilla artist' whom I will call 'Montana Banksy'.

Last weekend, while fishing the Yellowstone River outside of Livingston, I stumbled upon a collection of river rock art, including the trout shown above. Since I was there to do two things that fish and to take photos of the Yellowstone River for the Montana Treasures social media pages...I took the photo shown above.

Tuesday, I posted the photo on a couple of social media pages. Within an hour, people of all ages, men and women started liking the photo. And, as of today, it has not stopped. People love this public art!

I have since been in contact with the artist, who wishes to remain anonymous. The artist described the work as 'guerrilla art'; so, I subsequently dubbed the artist 'Montana Banksy'...It seemed more than appropriate; and, the artist approves.

You will be happy to know that the artist has more artwork planned. In the meantime, check out #MontanaBanksy on Instagram. :)

Todd Rivers, Founder, Montana Treasures

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  • shiela phillips

    took pic of a “banksy” over the I89 bridge…left the rock..(ooh but I wanted it!)

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