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Yellowstone River Wall Sign

I have had some good feedback on and some sales of the vintage looking wall signs I have designed so far, including the 'Gallatin River Gone Fishing' and the 'Tie One On' signs. So, today, I decided to make the 'Yellowstone River Fishing Paradise' t-shirt design into a decorative wall sign, as well.

Yellowstone National Park (only a 1.5 hour drive from Bozeman) continues to be one of my main sources of design inspiration. I especially like to visit the 'Park' in the fall.

The yellow and brown colors I chose for the new sign are influenced both by the fall colors in the park as well as by the fact that YNP is our oldest National Park...seemed perfect for applying a vintage look.

The 'Fishing Paradise' text is a reference to 'Paradise Valley', which the Yellowstone River flows through once it exists the Park near Gardiner, Montana.

I envision this wall sign decorating someone's man or woman-cave... another souvenir of good times fly fishing the Yellowstone River inside or outside of the Park.

Todd Rivers, Founder, Montana Treasures

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