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The Firehole

The Firehole River Decorative Wall Sign

Each year, around this time, fly fishing the Firehole River inside Yellowstone National Park comes to mind and inches to the top of my yearly bucket list. 

By mid to late Spring, the local rivers, including the Gallatin, the Madison, and the Yellowstone Rivers can be blown out with snow melt. Memorial Day weekend and the opening to the fishing season in Yellowstone, in turn, becomes a comforting beacon of hope. In particular, the Firehole River is a yearly destination for many local fly fisherman looking to escape ‘the melt’.

Of course, the Firehole River is a destination for fly fisherman from all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to fish in Yellowstone, our Nation’s oldest National Park? And, if you are going to fish The Park, then you might as well choose The Firehole, perhaps the most interesting stretch of Park water…traversing all three of The Park’s geyser basins. Thermal pools, geysers, and streams dot and enter the river’s boundary for much of its length. Once you experience it, it becomes perfectly clear why the river is named ‘The Firehole’.

The Firehole River, Fountain Flat Drive, Yellowstone National Park

Feel free to visit Montana Treasures’ Pinterest board dedicated to The Firehole River. From the Kepler Cascades to the Canyon section, the board’s videos and photos capture some very interesting parts of the river. 

Of course, you need to be here to get the full experience (sights, sounds, and smells) of The Firehole River. If you have to, use ‘fly fishing a Hot Spot’ river as an excuse to get up here. You want to checkmark this off of your bucket list.

Todd Rivers, Founder, Montana Treasures

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